The progress of any country depends mainly on its natural resources and its efficient utilization. Therefore after independence the government gave first priority to the overall development of technical education in the state. This was finally realized in 1964 with the opening of Engineering college Bilaspur.
Government Engineering College, Bilaspur is one of the most renowned technical institutes having good potential to provide the quality education and infrastructural facility. Various industry in Bilaspur and surrounding have always been availing research and development facility and required academic support to new graduate trainees for their needs from the institute. These industries are also giving the institute a unique advantage of industry-institute interaction in various disciplines of engineering.


To be a global leader by imparting quality technical education and innovative research for the betterment of the industry and society.


Developing technical competencies to enhance employability and entrepreneurship. Promoting research and consultancy activities to meet the needs of industries. Inculcating ethical values and leadership qualities for sustainable development.